Monday, December 15, 2014

When Worlds Collide: A Makeup Look Inspired by The Alazne Series

Even though writing is my first love, another art I enjoy is dabbling in is makeup. I even did a skeleton look for a friend's Halloween costume this year. When I was asked to write a guest blog for Fang-Tastic Books in honor of The Prophets' Guild, I decided to use my loves of writing and fantasy to create fun makeup looks inspired by my characters. Below is a fiery look inspired by Alazne herself.

Hestian Look

Inspired by Alazne, the Fire Queen

Alazne’s bronzed skin, vermilion hair, and golden eyes make her unique and this look will make any woman stand out in real life. This is probably my favorite of the four looks.

Apply matte orange eye shadow on the eyelids and blend matte brown eye shadow into the creases. Line the lower lashlines with gold eyeliner and the top lashlines with black eyeliner, slightly winged out at the outer corners of the eyes. Fill in eyebrows with a brown brow definer pencil.

Apply an orange-red blush to the apples of the cheeks and bronzer to the cheekbones. 

Apply red lipstick and dab a little bronze lipstick to the center of the bottom lip to create a slight ombré effect. 

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