Friday, August 1, 2014

The Kings' Council - FREE Kindle eBook

Are you looking for a free fantasy read for the weekend? For today only (Aug. 1, 2014), The Kings' Council (The Alazne Series #1) is free in the Kindle Store!

"If a lioness spends her hours pacing back and forth in a cage of gold with the finest meats at her disposal, does that make her any less of a prisoner? If that same feline’s fangs are filed down to blunt, un-tearing teeth and her roar is silenced, can she still be called a lioness?" 

These are the thoughts that begin Alazne's tale of love, triumph, and woe in The Kings' Council, the first book in The Alazne Series.

When a rebellious thief frees the fire-wielding princess from the castle that has served as her prison since birth, she is forced to decide between taking the crown that is rightfully hers and living the life of a normal woman.