Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hamlet + Dallas = ?

Before I published my first book, I wrote a screenplay called The Dahl Dynasty. This feature length screenplay was based on Hamlet, which is one of my favorite plays by William Shakespeare. In my modernized, Dallas-based rendition of The Bard's classic piece, Hamilton Dahl IV is mourning the loss of his father, who he believes was killed by a black widow's fatal bite until he's visited by his late father's ghost. Hamilton learns that his uncle, Claude, poisoned his father to take control of the family company through his grieving mother, Trudy, and vows to avenge him.

Now, The Dahl Dynasty is out on DVD! The movie even features music by Sparks the Rescue, Holly Heist, and Lisa D'Amato (winner of America's Next Top Model All Stars).

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Hamilton Dahl IV - Jon Christie
Claude Dahl - Tim Newkirk
Olivia Alderliesten - Olivia Stem
Trudy Dahl - Kara Rainer
Hugh Van Horn - Tylor West

Executive Producer & Screenwriter - Kristen Reed
Producer & Director - Bryan Quinn
Director of Photography - Eric Chisholm